Equanimity Bracelet


Materials: Sodalite, Rudraksha Seeds and Silver

Seize the magical influence of Sandalwood as you open up your heart to the natural earth and unwind your mind from the mundane of daily activities. With its sensual aroma, Sandalwood can awaken your divine thoughts in order to increase your spiritual energy. The fragrance is said to last for decades, as the smell comes from the depths of the brownish-red wood itself. Connect this with the deep indigo of Dumortierite and the Equanimity bracelet will draw you in like the depths of ocean waves to provide a sense of clarity in chaos. Dumortierite can highlight patterns in everyday life- like compulsions and codependency. It is thought that Dumortierite can decrease inflammation and stabilize a rocky relationship. Breath in a clear mind, and breathe out a sense of awareness to the natural life that surrounds you.