What means mindful living?

The mind is always ahead. Usually, when we perform our day-to-day activities, we do it mechanically. That indicates that we can be absent while doing certain things. This absence can sometimes become a full-time job, making us miss the little yet relevant details of our daily lives.

Amid fast fashion culture and advertising trends, paying attention to what is truly meaningful can be challenging. Mindful living reminds us of the importance of protecting our most precious communities and the environment since the most diminutive mindless action has its butterfly effect.

Mindfully choosing an object to become part of our life means being aware of its origin, its qualities, and its potential. The capacity to bring that past, present and future elements in synchronicity to the very moment of purchase is mindful living, and that is a way of life.

A path towards sustainable practice

The industry structure is vastly unsustainable. It’s on us to move towards more ethical procedures through our power of consumption. To be part of this sustainable shift, we can choose supporting organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free brands and those that use plant-based and recycled materials.

Observing the feeling each new acquisition generates inside and what it represents to us will determine its capacity to bring balance into our living space.

Our essentials are produced with sustainability features, made with natural materials that are meant to last. Adding warmth to the atmosphere, the color and textures of their minimal designs are timeless. Each product has a purpose of fulfilling, however, beyond their practicality, the beauty held in each of them promotes engagement of our five senses, turning daily tasks into mindful moments.