Our Story

Life is a ritual

Our story began in São Paulo, Brazil, when founder and creator of Meisou, Jessica Multini sensed a calling to search for a fulfilling profession–one she could perform with purpose and enduring love.

In search of self discovery, she left the “Concrete City” and traveled to India in 2014. It was in Rishikesh, under the guidance of spiritual guru Sri Prem Baba, when she began the practice of meditation. As she created space in her mind and connected with her heart through the practice, the sense of anguish she had experienced gradually dissolved, and creativity and inspiration began to reside in her consciousness.


What we do

Jessica’s desire to share the benefits of meditation led her to create malas: prayer beads utilized to focus the mind while praying and meditating.

As the brand grew and Jessica’s practice in meditation deepened, she began to create a collection of kimonos and spiritual objects to complement her line of malas.


Who we do it for

From a banker, an engineer, or a stay-at-home mom to the artist, surfer, yogi, and everyone in between, people from all walks of life could benefit from using malas.


Why we do it

Meisou’s beautifully designed prayer beads and kimonos are created to be used during meditation or to be worn as their wearers conduct their daily routines, serving as constant reminders to live every moment with awareness.


How we do it

The spirit of unity, connection and love are at the core of the Meisou brand. With a desire to give back to the community, we dedicate a portion of our sales to the women of Bali who lovingly handcraft each Meisou product. Each Meisou product is also blessed by a Balinese priest to bring power and life to the spiritual objects.

Our products are made with organic materials sourced locally and naturally colored with plant-based dyes. We design our products with a conscious goal to lessen the negative impact in nature and generate positivity in the community we live in.


Where we are headed

As we evolve, we continue to seek inspiration in nature and the people around us to create beautifully handcrafted malas, kimonos and other spiritual objects to help people discover freedom and peace through connecting with deeper parts of themselves. We carry out our mission with intention and love with the hope of becoming a global community of artisans and adventurers.