What is a mala?

A mala is a set of 108 uniquely chosen beads, hand-strung in a circular form and grounded by the guru bead. These beautiful ancient tools support you in your spiritual practice and bring you to the present moment. During meditation, malas anchor your focus through the simple sensation of the beads running through your fingertips. They are also believed to shield you from negativity, and regular meditation can even increase their power. Your mala is a perfect daily prompt to reflect throughout even the most hectic of days. At Meisou, we are seeking to spread the mala love and hope that people of any background can feel welcomed to wear one of our pieces.

How shoud I choose a mala?

Each mala created by Meisou has its own unique design and intention, and finding the perfect one is a truly personal decision. We believe that choosing a mala should be based on the feeling that it gives you. When selecting your mala, you might be drawn to the color or a specific healing property of a gemstone, or perhaps you will decide to focus your decision upon a specific intention. Use your intuition as your guide and know that any mala that you choose will be a great step into meditation and balance.

Why meditate?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to quiet the mind. The practice has a multitude of benefits, such as inducing a physical calmness. It can be helpful in releasing stress and anxious thoughts, and will bring you to a more visible level of awareness and consciousness. This beautiful practice can be used as a powerful reminder to stop, rest and move past your mind and thoughts. In this space, you can understand, grow and even discover the beautiful treasures of your gifts and talents. Meditation doesn’t have to be intimidating, it is simply an intimate moment created just for you.

What are rudraksha seeds?

Rudraksa is an ancient seed. The name literally translates to “The Eyes of Shiva.” This seed has been used in mala making for thousands of years. Inside of a small blueberry-like fruit lies a unique rudraksha seed distinguished by its number of facets or “mukhis.” Each facet represents a different purpose or strength.

Rudraksha seeds are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, and are believed to contain healing and aligning properties that support the chakras. The rudraksha creates a cocoon that contains and preserves positive energy, and protects from negative outside forces. This makes rudraksha malas perfect for travelers and adventurers. Meisou uses 100% natural and unpigmented rudraksha entirely harvested from a special region in Java, an area renowned for the highest quality of rudraksha seeds in the world.

What is
a mantra?

A mantra, traditionally, is a Sanskrit phrase that is chanted to bring you to a heightened state of awareness. It can prepare your body and mind for a more peaceful and powerful experience. Mantra can be found in the beautiful chant of a word, sound or phrase, and helps to center you in life and in meditation. Literally translated, mantra means “the mind, transported.” Reciting a mantra is a beautiful way to seek higher levels of meditation, peace and understanding.

How do I
a mantra?

Select a mantra based on your needs or intentions. A mantra can be as simple as a sound that will lull you into a place of better understanding, or as complex as an ancient Sanskrit surrendering to Ganesh.

Three ways of selecting a mantra:

  • Simply meditate on the word or sound of “Om” or “ Ah”, allowing the sound to drive out all other thoughts and enabling you to focus on this moment.
  • Choose a word or intention that focuses on what you are seeking. Words such as “love,” “patience” or “strength” may be a great place to start when choosing a meditation.
  • Select a modern approach to mantras and meditation by reciting positive affirmations such as “I am enough” or “I am positivity.”


The most basic, fundamental mantra is the sound “Om.” We understand that this sound has been upon the earth since the beginning of time. Chanting “Om” realigns us and mimics the vibration felt within all things.

Earth, Air, Heaven

We meditate on Savitr, giver of Light

May he illuminate our Consciousness

This mantra is one of the oldest and most indescribable of the ancient mantras found within the Rig Veda. It is another source of vibration that travels through you as you meditate. Gayatari means to sing and to protect. It offers protection as we chant its song.

Prabhu Aap Jago

Prabhu Aap Jago

Paramatma Jago

Mere Sarve Jago

Sarvatra Jago

God awaken

God awaken in everyone and everywhere

End the game of suffering and bring light to the game of joy

This powerful chant asks to awaken the Supreme Being that is within each of us. It removes any barriers between or conscious and unconscious selves. Prabhu Aap Jago asks that we be connected in love to others and allows for an awakening of our spirits.

Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah


Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat

Why do you use gemstones
in your malas?

We use gemstone in our malas because we believe in their potent healing properties. Crystals are powerful tools in healing and realigning the chakras. These gemstones are perfect for meditation because they help us to calm and prepare our mind and body. Each gemstone used in our malas is chosen for its unique properties and energies, and is paired with other unique crystals.

How are Meisou
malas blessed?

Our malas are handmade and strung by a group of Balinese Brahman women. According to Balinese tradition, these malas can only be made when the Brahman is in a good mindset. They do not create these malas when they are too agitated, too sleepy, or when full of anger or worry. It is believed that the energy will be transferred into the mala. After the mala is created,Ida Bagus, the youngest high priestess of Bali, conducts a blessing ceremony that is both deep and very beautiful. This ceremony is closely linked to ancient teachings and includes activating the malas by blessing them with mantras, a sequence of symbolic movements, Balinese offerings and holy water.


Why 108?

The number 108 has both sacred and symbolic significance in meditative practice. There are many astrological ties to the number 108, including the number of stars (27) times their parts or padas (4) = 108. There are also 9 amsas times 12 ramsis = 108 amsas. 108 is also the distance of the sun and the moon to earth times their diameters. The digits making up 108 also add up to 9, which is a divine number representing 9 Grahas.

All of these figures represent the tie between the universe and ourselves, but the beauty of the mala is that its symbolism and importance can be interpreted in many ways, allowing you to use and revere them in your own way.

How do I activate my mala?

Each mala purchased from Meisou has been blessed before it leaves the Bali tropics. It is not necessary to cleanse your mala when is arrives. However, a beautiful ritual for activating and setting intentions is recommended. The purpose of this ritual is both to express your energy with your new mala and to set intentions with yourself about how and why you will meditate.

While in a calm state of mind, sit in a comfortable place away from everyday distractions. It is best to do this ceremony on a Monday, because this day is regarded as the day of Lord Shiva. Hold your mala over your heart and begin to express your energy. Quietly chant “Om Namah Shivaya” at least three times during your ceremony. Then, allow yourself to relay your intentions and desires, moving the mala beads through your thumb and middle fingers. Sit in this calm state for several minutes in order seal your meditation commitment with yourself and with your mala.

What is kimono?

Traditionally, the kimono is a Japanese cotton or silk dress worn on special occasions in Japan. The traditional garb is known for the beautifully intricate patterns, embroidery and colors, which serve as an expression of elegance. Today, in modern society worldwide, a more informal version of kimono is often worn as a robe for its comfort and the luxurious feel of the fabric.

Meisou kimonos are created as accessories to support the practice of meditation and rituals. Like our malas, Meisou kimonos are versatile and can be utilized in multiple ways. Slipped on after waking up in the morning while preparing the morning tea, which is a form of a self-care ritual, or worn in preparation for a meditation practice, before bed, and even while going out on the town, our kimonos assist in putting the mind and body in a calm, meditative state of mind, wherever you are.