As each mala bead slips between the fingers, the mind dissolves into the heart’s center. Through ritual, we seek to evoke balance and inhabit two worlds at once: the spiritual and the material. The Eastern world is rich in mystery and mysticism, its fabric of life intimately interwoven with spirituality. Rituals, worship and meditation practices are a part of everyday life, and people live their lives guided by the heart. While spirituality is abundant in the Eastern culture, the practicalities of everyday life are often lost, creating an imbalance between the material and the spiritual.

In the West, science and logic had given rise to prosperity, and many human achievements were accomplished through the intellectual mind. Amid the affluence built by knowledge, the heart is often neglected. The mind dominates, yet a blank space is left in the deeper part of the soul.

Our mission

Meisou seeks to unify the two contrasting perspectives and bring harmony and balance through ritual. Whether rediscovering an overlooked part of the self or incorporating an Eastern ancestral practice into modern life, a practice of meditation bridges the gap between the two worlds. It is a sacred act of self-care and contemplation that allows harmony and balance to take place on a personal level.

The ritual is a precioustime dedicated to honoring oneself. In this spirit, we have created a collection of contemporary malas and kimonos to complement the opulent experience meditation and ritual brings. Designer Jessica Multini’s modern interpretation of the mala and kimono allows the spiritual objects to be incorporated into daily life. Worn in and out of the ritual space, the beautifully handcrafted objects serve as a reminder that every moment of life is a ritual--an existence to be lived mindfully and joyfully.

Our vision