Lava Bracelet


Materials: Lava Stone, Rudraksha Seeds and Silver


Created by the blaze of Bali’s volcano, this lava stone is exclusive and beloved by all who seek to capture the power of nature. Everything from its porous texture to its black surface, brings out the depths of earth and fire. The Lava bracelet will ground you with nature, as Mother Earth herself created a calming stone after a firestorm of rage and passion. The healing properties of lava can ignite your natural rhythms and ease your anxieties, leaving you to exhibit strength and feel invigorated in the face of fiery situations. Because the creation of lava stones is that of a volcanic eruption, it is easy to feel the force of the lava rock, but harvest the energy of the stone to produce a natural energetic flow. This one of a kind lava bracelet can stabilize the root chakra and give you a sense of rebirth and emergence, like a phoenix rises from the ashes.