Our Commitment


We believe in the producer’s responsibility for taking into consideration all aspects of the manufacturing process. We create our products with organic materials sourced locally, using plant-based dyes to achieve their natural and vibrant tones. Our commitment is to minimize the environmental impact, working symbiotically with nature. We do our best to maintain the wellbeing of the land while giving back to the local communities.


The products we create are handmade in Indonesia by local artisans. When you buy a Meisou product, you are supporting the Bali’s local artists and community. Each product is blessed by a Balinese priest to yield the magic and spiritual power of the island into the objects.


Embracing the unique skills and talents that the local community has to offer is the way we have found to contribute actively. We’ve built partnerships with brands and artisans that know the true cost of making with quality over quantity and, like us, are ready to learn and improve about the durability, maintenance, and afterlife of their products. 


By empowering others to promote an exchange of give-and-receive, we co-create a flow of authentic abundance. Everyone involved in the process has an opportunity to participate and feel valued.


We want you to know that we care and that we genuinely invest our intention and energy in getting educated about sustainable practices and innovations.