The Visionary Bracelet


Materials: Blue Agate, Rudraksha Seeds and Gold


Just as the sound of the undulating waves of the sea will calm and ground you towards nature, so will the Blue Agate crystal. The shades of blue will draw you in and bring you a burst of energy that trickles into balance of intellect and emotion. Like the power of the ocean, this stone brings about strength to overcome bitterness and heal a bitter heart. When meditating, this stone can train you to encourage and support others, while releasing love instead of negative thoughts and feelings. The Visionary Bracelet has flecks of white surrounded by masses blue and is said to aid in physic abilities and can enhance your dream interpretation, thus the Visionary Mala. This stone combines well with the genuine seed of Rudraksha, that of the nature. The properties of this seed possesses a vibration that is unique to the area in which it is found. Emerging from areas of the Himalayas the tree that bears the seed is scarce and therefore, valuable. The Elaeocarpus ganitra tree uses the soil around it and the atmosphere of the air to produce this precious seed that can calm the mind, spirit, and body.