I Am Whole Bracelet


Ingredients: lava stone, rudraksha seeds and silver

This natural and traditional mala bracelet combines the protective and focusing energies of wild ancient rudraksha and porous lava stone. I Am Whole has been hand strung by a Balinese Brahman who laces together the finest, wild-harvested elements. At Meisou, we use fairly traded, sustainably harvested rudraksha seeds from the heights of a special area of Javanese mountains. These small seeds are made up of many facets or mukhis and are distinctive based upon their facets. Rudraksha is regarded as a protector, healer and balancer. The seeds create a positive energy field around their wearer in order to create an environment ripe for freedom of expression and movement. Tied together with grounding lava and our signature Om pendant, I Am Whole will allow you to discover all parts of your best self in order to realize your totality. Wear this mala bracelet to recite positive affirmations or to realize its unique strengths.