Lava Love Mala


This mala is loved by many! All of the unique earthen elements are combined in this mala- the igneous rock of an Indonesian volcano, the vibrations of an earthen seed, and the pink radiation of rose quartz. The power of this mala will nourish your inner soul strength and ooze love from the heart. The Lava Love mala will ground your connection with the earth’s surface and give you a sense of energy, passion, and protection.

The lava stone erupted from a volcano and cooled over time to give you a porous, black surface that really brings out the precious pink of the rose quartz. The force of the lava stone is combined with the properties of the Rudraksha seed to provide a protection from the negative energy in the world. Use the strength of this Lava Love mala to heal and bring a sense of peace and calm, and above all to love fiercely and tenderly.