I Am Intuitive Mala Bracelet


Ingredients: azurite, rudraksha seeds and silver

Beautiful and bright, this “Stone of Heaven” is a powerful source for connecting to a higher mind and increased understanding. Azurite is believed to support its wearer in reaching a higher state of consciousness, psychic awareness and truth. I Am Intuitive combines azurites mystical strength with the protective field of rudraksha in order to stabilize its wearer while allowing you to move forward on your journey of self- awareness. Enhancing the throat and third eye chakras, azurite will allow you to speak and know truths and let our signature Om pendant bring you to a place of calm, that allows you to enhance meditation and introspection. Empower your intuition by supporting it, and know what is right and good. Know your truths and wear I Am Intuitive to guide you to a balanced and happy present moment.