The Expression Bracelet


Material: Blue Lace Agate, Rudraksha Seeds and Gold

 Gaze up at the sky and see the crystal blue surrounded by the whites of the clouds breeze by and feel the throws of nature with the Expression Bracelet. The properties of this crystal brings out the shades of the sky. Stemming from the Quartz family, Blue Lace Agate is the stone of compassion and communication. The flow of energy from this stone can lift you up and elevate your confidence levels. When wearing this bracelet, get ready to express yourself feel supported in vast situations such as projecting your voice onto a crowd. When meditating, Blue Lace Agate can free up your mind and relax you to tranquility. Feel the joy of the sky-gazing combined with rustic feeling of the Rudraksha seed to give you vibrations of energy that settle your senses, allowing you to venture into environments unknown. Allowing water to flow through this seed can harness the energy from within and radiate from you.