Private Sessions

Mindfulness Meditation

8 weeks - 60 min

Online via Zoom

Our Private Sessions are an opportunity for those who would like to go deeper into mindfulness practices and meditation but don’t know how to start. It’s also an opportunity for you that already have mindfulness practices but would like to go deeper and develop something that works uniquely for you.

Jessica Multini will help you to develop the best mindfulness meditation practice for you, getting to know you better, understand your needs, your emotions, where you struggle the most at this very moment, and from there she will facilitate the way and weave together with you the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation.

Facilitated by Jessica Multini is the founder and designer of MEISOU, a Bali based brand that has a mission spread mindfulness and sustainability. She has been designing meaningful objects to inspire people to practice meditation and leading mindfulness meditation classes, retreats, and workshops throughout the world for over two years. Her practice and training grounded primarily in the Vedic tradition and got more solidified in a secular way through her silent retreats and mindfulness community through MARC, UCLA.

The Sessions

Our modern lifestyle has shaped us in a way that we live our lives completely disconnected from who we truly are. Our minds are constantly thinking about past and future experiences leading us to an immense sense of disconnection, which can be presented unconsciously in our lives in many ways such as anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and so on. All these feelings make us feel stuck in life and have a huge sense of suffering and dissatisfaction.

Throughout the course of these 8-weeks, we will explore and experience tools of reconnection. We will weave together concrete ways to make your way to the present moment, integrating mindfulness into your daily life. We will work on overcoming internal obstacles to living more mindfully so that you have greater peace, happiness and most important develop emotional intelligence and resilience to deal with the unknown challenges that may be presented during our life course with an open heart.

1: Session 1

60 min

2: Session 2

60 min

3: Session 3

60 min

4: Session 4

60 min

5: Session 5

60 min

6: Session 6

60 min

7: Session 7

60 min

8: Session 8

60 min

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Our Sessions

The benefits of mindfulness practice can be greatly enhanced by working with a facilitator. A facilitator who has experience practicing and teaching mindfulness can support you in deepening your practice, taking you further than you may be able to go on your own.

Jessica will guide and support you in your meditation practice to help you maintain and deepen it. Depending on your moment, she will assist you with setting up structures to help you prepare for daily practice or be consistent with it. We may discuss obstacles that are preventing you from practicing, or help you develop more focus in your practice so that it brings you greater benefits.

One to one private sessions are available worldwide via secure and confidential video calling.


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