The Self Love Bracelet


Materials: Rose Quartz, Rudraksha Seeds and Gold

Love thy neighbor. Love thyself. Containing Rose Quartz, this bracelet is one of unconditional love. The petals of pink play an important role in opening up the heart chakras, purifying the feelings of negativity. Meditate with Rose Quartz to train your heart to receive love as well as  well as learning to radiate positive vibes throughout your life. Rose Quartz can strengthen the circulatory system, allowing you to love yourself and become empathetic to those around you. It can comfort the grief stricken heal the longing of the soul for love. The Self Love Bracelet combines the restorative properties of Rose Quartz with Rudraksha will give you the ultimate sense of protection against negative energy. The rustic seed of Rudraksha is found in the depths of nature and has quite a unique vibration and  energetic properties. The seed soaks up the energy from in the soil from the ground, the altitude of the tree branches, and the atmosphere from which the tree grows to make up the Rudraksha seed. Use this to calm the spirit and ooze out love and positive energy.