The Dreamer Mala


Material: Howlite, Rudraksha Seeds and Gold

Positivity, light, serenity, and happiness, now this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Let the law of attraction and the power of healing gemstones invite you into a place where dreams can manifest. The Dreamer Mala combines a beautiful blend of Howlite and Rudraksha and is sealed with a small silver ellipsis pendant representing silence. Howlite serves to calm the mind and prepare it for sleep and dreaming. It can guide you to a state of silence and serenity, where dreams can enter and hope can arise. This powerful gemstone protects the upper chakras of the heart, crown and third eye. It works to cleanse your aura while Rudraksha allows in positive, revitalizing forces. Let the calming, focusing energies of The Dreamer remind you of the power of positivity. Never stop dreaming.