I Am Peaceful Mala Bracelet


Ingredients: howlite, rudraksha seeds and silver

Let the healing gemstone and rudraksha qualities of I Am Peaceful support you in your quest for inner-peace and harmony. I find peace within myself.  This mala bracelet is meant to promote peace from within that can radiate outside of us and into the world around. I respond to others with peace and love. Recite these modern affirmations upon your bracelet to bring harmony and acceptance along with you throughout your day. Rudraksha seeds make up the majority of this bracelet and are powerful agents believed to heal physical, mental and spiritual instabilities. They are also meant to clear and calm the mind and chakras for easier entry into meditation.  Opaque white howlite and a silver Om pendant close this mala bracelet and bring awareness and wisdom that allows one to let go of old pains and enter into the present moment. Also renowned for its transmittance of calmness and peace, howlite can aid you in entering into the present with love and tolerance. Wear I Am Peaceful upon your wrist, throw two fingers up, and be a lover, not a fighter.