I Am Brave Mala Bracelet


Ingredients: carnelian, rudraksha seeds and silver

Handcrafted with a blend of vibrant carnelian, rudraksha and silver, this bold mala bracelet showcases its vitality for all to see. I Am Brave presents red carnelian gemstones that amplify courage, stability, and creativity. Also praised for its qualities of protection and manifestation of desires, carnelian encourages its beholder to embrace the strength of individuality. The bold colors and powerful properties of I Am Brave will remind you to allow yourself the freedom of expression. It is said that carnelian stone was once placed as armor in the tombs of deceased Egyptian elites in order to guard and protect in both life and death.  Allow the protective armor of this mala bracelet to guard and guide you through any obstacles that may come your way. Be creative, be unique and be brave!