I Am Balanced Bracelet


Ingredients: howlite, lava stone, rudraksha and silver

From the shadowy depths of the earth to the brightest night skies, we find balance and strength within all things. Fiery, black lava stone combines with opaque white howlite to support balance of mind and spirit in I Am Balanced. Lava stone is an agent of spiritual healing and stability. Its deep, porous surface comes from the depths of the earth and hardens to create a beautiful stone known for its healing and renewing properties.

Opposite the deep lava is opaque Howlite, a stone revered for its own balancing effects. Howlite supports good character, while dispelling negative qualities of criticism, anger and selfishness. Wear I Am Balanced to help you align your goodness, and bring out all of your best and most unique qualities. There is balance in darkness and light, allow it to shine through.