Be a Poem Mala


Ingredients: rhodonite, rudraksha seeds and gold

Sway. Flow. Swirl. Glow. The Yin and Yang qualities of Rhodonite will remind you to bring a swirling situation back into a balance of natural flow. The shades of pink and red is surrounded by bursts of black. The elements of this stone will remove unwanted blockage from your chakra and help clear the pathways so that energy can freely flow. This Be a Poem mala stones are known more commonly known as the rescue stone, and can activate your heart chakra.

Your emotional balance will be encouraged to uplift rein in the high levels of anxiety. Rhodonite is helpful in casting away emotional hurt and angst. This stone is paired with Rudraksha, which will give you a sense of protection against negative energy. This rustic and genuine seed is found in the depths of nature and has quite a unique vibration to its energetic properties. Mainly originating in the Himalayas from the Elaeocarpus ganitra tree, it is stated that everything from the soil to the atmosphere influences the enriched feel of the Rudraksha seed. When used for meditation, it can calm the mind, body, and spirit.