The Courageous Bracelet


Materials: Green Goldstone, Rudraksha Seeds and Silver

When you are exposed to the supple green shimmer of this dark-colored stone, the rare Green Goldstone can keep you captivated and calm. With its infusion of copper specks, Goldstone is known to stimulate healing properties from the heart to the nervous system. This stone deflects despair and negative energy and can assist you to face your future goals with courage. With the history of this stone dating back to Medieval times, the Goldstone can help you become aware of a good or bad decision and can influence you to accomplish greatness. The Courageous Bracelet pairs the Goldstone with the natural properties of the Rudraksha seed, this mala can ground you to a place of inner peace. The Rudraksha seed has a unique vibration that combines its outer influences of its natural resources to bring you a genuine sense of bonding with nature. The seed is said to serve also as a barrier against unwanted energy, giving you the courage to seek your dreams.