Sky Amplifier Mala


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Ingredients: Calcite, Turquoise and Rudraksha Seeds

Honey calcite, wild-harvested rudraksha and native turquoise comprise Sky Amplifier. Powerful to help amplify energy levels and stabilize one’s psyche and sense of awareness during periods of change, honey calcite is known to promote evolution of consciousness. A stone used to facilitate astral projection, calcite is associated with the upper chakras to raise vibrational frequency and connect to one’s inherent wisdom. We pair honey calcite with pure turquoise, a potent healing gem heavily used in Native American tradition to realign its wearer with a sense of source and place int he world. Known as the “sky stone,” turquoise works as a bridge stone connecting the human soul to its being. Wear Sky Amplifier to expand into your most vast, expressed self, knowing that the experience of home is within you in each step.