Peaceful Revolution Mala


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Ingredients: Jade, Lava Stone and Rudraksha Seeds

This potent blend of wild-harvested rudraksha, lava stone and jade fortifies the wearer with a resounding sense of calm, integrity and clarity of the heart, reminding us that revolutions are led more through wisdom than sheer will. A sacred stone revered as a symbol of purity, serenity, and good fortune, jade adorns the heart of the wearer as the guru bead of Peaceful Revolution. Said to store all five virtues of humanity— wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty and courage— jade is a healing stone known to calm the nervous system, create harmony in both inner and outer environments, and infuse the wearer with a strong sense of resourcefulness and self-trust. Combining the fiery power of lava stone and earthy grounding of rudraksha, Peaceful Revolution empowers the wearer with a strong sense of loving connection to self, to environment and to the abundance of the universe. Put on a pair of Lennon glasses, a Beatles record and this handmade mala and join the revolution!