Loving Kindness Bracelet (Gold)


Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity are rigorous meditation practices, used for the most part to cultivate one-pointed concentrated attention, out of which the powers of these evoked qualities emerge, transfiguring the heart. Just naming these qualities of heart explicitly and making their role explicit in our practice may help us to recognize them when they arise spontaneously during mindfulness practice. As well as to incline the heart and mind in that direction more frequently, especially in difficult times.


This Loving-kindness bracelet is a reminder we can use this antidote to mindstates such as ferocious rage, which may, at the time of their arising, be simply too strong to attend to via direct observation unless ones practice is very developed. At such times formal loving-kindness practice can function to soften one’s relationship to such overwhelmingly afflictive mind states so that we can avoid succumbing completely to their energies.



Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is called the stone of love. We use rose quartz to inspire an open heart. Whether that’s relationship love, friendship, family, or self-love. It can be worn as a reminder to love when mending a broken heart and during anxiety.


Rudraksha: Rudraksha seeds grow inside of what looks like blueberries on trees South East Asia. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the beads are believed to provide inner calm, peace, and free one from negative thought. The beads get darker over time as they absorb your oils and energy. This is thought to strengthen the rudraksha.