Lava Mala


Carrying the magic of Bali’s ancient volcanoes, forged by the blazing heat of fire and cooling perspective of slow time, this lava stone emerges from the depths of the Earth as a profoundly stabilizing and strengthening stone. Porous and black in texture, lava represents the solid form of fire and is thus elementally associated with death and rebirth, carrying the transfiguring energy of the phoenix. Considered one of Earth’s most powerful healing stones, lava stone assists its wearer to triumph in even the most challenging of circumstances, realign with natural rhythms, and perceive the ancient wisdom of mother Earth. As each individual stone contains the kinetic memory of eruption and emergence, Lava Mala is a powerful catalyst to energize, invigorate and revitalize the wearer, especially in times of apathy, tiredness or a loss of connection to self. Above all, Lava Mala is an emblem of strength and courage, offering stability, invigoration and powerful root chakra protection.

Material: Lava Stone and Rudraksha Seeds