I Am Clarity Bracelet


Ingredients: fluorite, rudraksha seeds and silver

Lustrous purple fluorite combines with ancient rudraksha to create a beautifully balanced mala bracelet. Fluorite and rudraksha are the perfect blend for reciting affirmations for clarity, purpose and mental stability. A powerful tool found through meditation, clarity allows for greater awareness and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Fluorite is a mind enhancing crystal that works to clear and clarify, while revealing hidden truths. Related to the heart and third eye chakras, fluorite will balance, clear and reconnect mind and body.  Rudraksha seeds and our silver Om pendant enclose this bracelet with pulsating and protective strengths. Utilize I Am Clarity to concentrate and focus by clearing out mental distractions. My mind is clear. The beauty of clarity is that it provides space for abundance in other areas of our lives. I am present in this moment. My thoughts are aligned and focused. Recite these affirmations in order to encourage the energies within fluorite and to realize the true benefits of clarity.