Double-O-Heaven Mala


Material: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, White Jade and Rudraksha Seeds

Hold the ammunition and aircraft and cue the secret agent super power— Double-O-Heaven is a turbocharged, mineral-rich powerhouse designed to help you soar. Made with the finest lapis lazuli, turquoise, milk jade, wild-harvested rudraksha and pure brass, this mala is designed to invoke qualities of leadership, intellectual insight and strength in the third eye chakra while offering the physical benefits of immune support, lowered blood pressure and reduced inflammation throughout the body. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone associated with royalty and is ruled by Jupiter, promoting balance, cleansing and unification to those that wear it. Turquoise, also known as the sky stone, offers wearers protection and insight, while increasing communication abilities and throat-related blockages. Milk jade’s pacifying qualities enable the mind to focus during times of overwhelm for clear, calm decision making. And as if that weren’t enough, Double-O-Heaven with an intertwined circular brass amulet, a symbol carries the geometric memory of interconnection. Recharge Double-O-Heaven under the stars to cleanse and clear blockages and wear to experience heaven on Earth… without the Sean Connery.