Creative Blues Bracelet


Materials: Sodalite, Rudraksha Seeds and Silver

 Innovate and create. The rich royal blues in Sodalite will have you dreaming of an ocean view and spark your creative juices. This ethereal energy that this exquisite crystal brings will spark your creative expression and tantalize inspiration when you feel stuck. This ultramarine blue of the Creative Blues Bracelet was once declared a sacred color and was referred to as “the shades of the heavenly places”. Many creative individuals would carry about the crystal to influence their creative juices and harmonize the spirit. Sodalite is combined with the wild-harvested Rudraksha seed taken from trees that are located in places such as Nepal, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Himalayas. The name Rudraksha originated from a Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, who would shed one single tear from his eyes after meditation. Rudra, meaning Shiva, and aksha meaning eyes. The tale goes on to say that the tear from Lord Shiva would produce the seeds to the Elaeocarpus ganitra tree, which produces this sacred seed. From this, a protective barrier against negative energy can shield the persons wearing the bracelet.